Woman's Auxiliary

The Woman’s Auxiliary (WA) serves a unique purpose in the life of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the oldest institution of the Southern Baptist Convention. WA is a vital part of the life of the seminary, where around 5,500 men and women are preparing for service in Christian ministry and missions.

For over 50 years, WA of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been helping students achieve their goal of being trained to serve our Lord. From its beginning, the major purpose of the WA has been to provide scholarships for female students. WA has changed the world through the giving of hundreds of scholarships for women.

WA also gives support to international students and takes on projects around the campus including The Southern Exchange, a ministry for the benefit of currently enrolled SBTS and Boyce students and their immediate families that provides donated gently used clothing for men, women and children as well as household items and furniture.

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Our Early History

First born in the heart of the seminary president, Dr. Duke McCall, and supported by his wife, Marguerite, the originally called Women’s Committee was to give a woman’s touch to the Southern campus. In April 1961, with the help of Mrs. Ellis A. Fuller whose husband preceded Dr. McCall as president of the seminary, the Women’s Committee was founded and the first luncheon held on May 17, 1961 with 15 women from churches in Cherokee, Dixie, Seneca, Iroquois, and Shawnee areas attending. On November 8, 1961, an estimated 200 gathered in Broadus Hall for the first meeting. The founders agreed, “Love is something you do” and adopted this as their theme for their work. Years later, the name was changed to the Woman’s Auxiliary (WA). The work of WA continues strong to this day.

Our Purpose

The purpose of WA is:

  • To provide scholarships for qualified women students
  • To enlist informed prayer support for the seminary community
  • To minister to Southern Seminary’s international students
  • To foster the development of the seminary through the active participation of women in projects to enhance the seminary’s usefulness to the denomination and to the cause of Christ
  • To acquaint women with the facilities, programs, and needs of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • To network women to work together for the cause of Christ
Upcoming Events
Fall Luncheon 2021

Please join us for the Fall 2021 networking luncheon on Monday, September 27, as we focus on living as godly women in the world. We will hear from women in all walks of life as we offer five mini-sessions relating to this important topic. Attendees can choose to attend three sessions:

1. My Cancer. God’s Grace. His Glory.

The story of how the Lord deepened my understanding of His abundant mercy, amazing grace, and tender love through my breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Laurie Aker, Third Avenue Baptist Church

2. To Post or Not To Post: Biblical Wisdom for Social Media Usage

Over the last two decades, social media has transformed the way that we stay in touch. As believers, the reach of our witness is no longer limited by geography as we can easily connect with people across the globe. However, communicating via public forums, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, presents unique challenges as well. Join us as we seek to develop a biblical framework for how to use social media wisely.

Erin Austin, Ninth & O Baptist Church

3. Parenting: Raising Up “Aliens” in Today’s World

Children are a gift from God given to us to raise and nurture for the glory of God. 1 Peter speaks to Christians as “aliens” and “strangers” living in a world opposed to their values and beliefs. How can we raise up “aliens” in today’s world who live biblically and witness boldly?

Lisa Hussung, Rich Pond Baptist Church

4. Renewing our Minds: Reviving the Love of Reading

Too many of us read mostly from our smart phone screens and do not make time for reading books. Join us as we think about why reading is vital; what to read; and how to better retain what we learn.

Mary Mohler, Third Avenue Baptist Church

5. Quick to Covet: Doing Battle with the Desire of the Eyes

We know, both from God’s Word and from our own hearts, how quick we are to covet. In our materialistic, connected world, we are given many opportunities to see what others have and be envious. Let us think together about how loving God and others will help us battle this sinful tendency.

Jodi Ware, Clifton Baptist Church


The event begins at 10:30 a.m., and lunch will be served from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in Heritage Hall on the campus of Southern Seminary. Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant will cater for this event with their delicious fajita buffet.

Individual tickets and full tables (10 people) can be purchased here. We encourage group sales among churches and fellowship groups. Childcare will be available on a first-come, first-served basis by reservation through this website.

If you are interested in receiving information about Woman’s Auxiliary events, please email mparsons@sbts.edu.

Past Events

Fall 2019 Networking Luncheon

On September 16th, 2019, the Women’s Auxiliary hosted our Fall Networking Luncheon. We gathered to hear from women from all walks of life speak on the topic of hospitality. The following five seminars were offered:

  • The Hospitality Challenge: Overcoming Hindrances
  • Blessing, Not Stressing
  • The Heart of Hospitality
  • Hospitality as Evangelism
  • Generational Hospitality

Spring Luncheon 2019

On April 29, 2019, the Woman’s Auxiliary hosted our Spring Luncheon featuring Woman’s Auxiliary Board Member and Southern Seminary First Lady Mary Mohler. She encouraged the almost 300 attendees on the topic of gratitude, which is also the theme of her book “Growing in Gratitude: Rediscovering the Joy of a Thankful Heart.”