The Advanced Master of Divinity for Boyce Alumnus in the School of Theology is an accelerated professional degree program for graduates of Boyce College who have at least a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average.

Remedial/Pre-requisite Courses
20400 Elementary Hebrew (3)
22400 Elementary Greek (3)
Biblical and Theological Studies 33
40150 Personal Spiritual Disciplines 3
20440 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis (3)
22440 Greek Syntax and Exegesis (3)
27800 Theology of the Old Testament 3
27820 Theology of the New Testament 3
Hebrew Exegesis Elective 3
Greek Exegesis Elective 3
Church and Baptist History Electives2
Systematic Theology Elective3
Theology and Tradition Electives3 9
Apologetics, Ethics, & Philosophy 12
Philosophy, Ethics, Apologetics Electives3 12
Mission, Evangelism, and Ministry 16
40301 Pastoral Ministry4 or 3
45260 Discipleship and Family Ministry
40080 Christian Leadership 3
44910 Applied Ministry: Theology 1
Biblical Counseling Elective5 3
Missions Elective5 3
Preaching Elective6 3
Elective Studies 12
Unrestricted Electives (SOT or BGS)7 12
Total Advanced M.Div. – School of Theology (Boyce Alumnus) Requirements 73

2 Introductory courses such as 25100, 25120, and 26200 do not fulfill the elective requirement.

3Introductory courses such as 27060, 27070, 27080, 28500 and 29250 do not fulfill the elective requirements.

4Pastoral Ministry (40301) is reserved and required for men.

5Introductory courses such as 32960 and 34300 do not fulfill the elective requirement.

6If a student takes Christian Preaching (30000) because of an entrance deficiency, then that student must take Preaching Practicum (30020) to fulfill the preaching elective requirement. Christian Preaching (30000) is reserved and required for men. Women will substitute Christian Teaching (45400). Preaching Practicum (30020) is reserved and required for men. Women will substitute The Worshiping Church (40200).

7Unrestricted Electives can be taken in either the Billy Graham School or the School of Theology. Introductory or survey courses do not fulfill this elective requirement.