School of Theology Purpose

The primary purpose of the School of Theology is to offer graduate theological education to train students to be pastors, teachers, biblical counselors, and for other areas of service to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The School of Theology seeks to provide the biblical and theological training that is foundational for effective ministry. Central to these educational functions is the development of persons of Christian character, commitment, and integrity.

Because Christian ministers encounter a wide spectrum of issues and challenges, the School of Theology offers an education that is both comprehensive and highly specialized. To meet the demand for comprehensiveness, students complete a core curriculum that will enable them to think theologically and will equip them with appropriate knowledge and skills. To meet the demand for specialization, students have the opportunity to select an area of concentrated vocational preparation.

The School of Theology seeks both to serve and to lead the denomination of which it is a part. While closely related to the academic and Christian communities of the world, its chief concern is the Christian ministry of Southern Baptist churches.

School of Theology Academic Programs

Academic programs in the School of Theology consist of three types. First, the basic professional programs designed to equip qualified students for the practice of ministry are the Diploma in Theology, the Master of Arts degree, the Master of Divinity degree, and the Advanced Master of Divinity degree. Second, the professional doctoral degrees are the Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Educational Ministry. Third, the research doctoral programs designed to qualify advanced students for research and teaching, as well as for other specialized leadership positions, are the Master of Theology degree and the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

School of Theology Goals

The programs in the School of Theology are offered to equip qualified students for the practice of effective Christian ministry. The goal of this faculty is for every graduate:

  • To be a called disciple and minister of Jesus Christ, serving His Kingdom
  • To possess a deep and growing love for God and a desire to bring glory to His name
  • To possess an abiding love for people and the work of Christian ministry in the context of the church
  • To bear witness to the complete truthfulness of Holy Scripture
  • To maintain the historic principles of the Christian faith and of the Baptist heritage
  • To be ethically informed and to embody the moral imperatives of the Kingdom of God
  • To integrate theological understandings with human need in the contemporary world
  • To demonstrate Christian commitment, maturity, integrity and spirituality
  • To possess knowledge of the Bible and of historic and contemporary Christian thought and practice
  • To receive specialized training and skill development in specific areas of ministry

Policies for Master’s Level Programs

For information related to Applied Ministry, contact the Office of Applied Ministry.

Securing Ministry Placements

Assistance in securing ministry placements with remuneration is available in the Ministry Resources Office of Southern Seminary. Assistance in obtaining volunteer positions in ministry can be secured from the Applied Ministry Office.