Student Organization Application

Student organizations exist to encourage spiritual growth, promote Christian fellowship and develop ministerial skills that will further prepare students for ministry.


Each student organization is committed to being a godly example of fellowship and love, to nurture and train members to be Christian examples in all that they do, and to follow the moral and ethical guidelines found in Scripture and as outlined in The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Student Handbook, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and the Abstract of Principles.

Student Organization Handbook

Prior to completing an application for a new student organization, you must read the Student Organization Handbook in its entirety.


New Student Organization Application

  • Personal Info

    Please fill in the contact information for the person submitting the Student Organization request.
  • Student Organization

  • Preliminary Questions

  • What would be the purpose of this Student Organization? Is there already a similar group or organization on campus operating in this capacity?
  • What interest do you foresee among other SBTS students to be involved in this Student Organization?
  • Please describe your projected organizational structure (officers, advisors, etc.).
  • Please give a brief description of the types of events and meetings you would like to host.
  • References

    Please list at least 2 references from Southern who would be willing to speak with us on your behalf.
  • Reference 1

  • Reference 2