Adelphai Society


The Adelphai Society exists to:

  • Equip and encourage women as they love and support their husbands during the unique and difficult task of pursuing a PhD
  • Expose PhD wives to the academic world, and develop an atmosphere of fellowship along this road
  • Provide opportunities for encouragement, training and counsel by godly men and women


Three meetings per semester that will consist of a guest lecturer followed by a time of fellowship

Upcoming Events



Southern Seminary and the Unique Experience of the PhD Wife

Monday, September 16th

Mohler Residence at 7 PM


Adelphai Family Picnic

Friday, Sept. 27, 2019

Seminary Lawn at 6:00 PM



Keeping the Peace while Pinching Pennies: Advice for Marriage and Family Life in the midst of the Ph.D. Season

Monday, October 21st

Heritage Hall at 7 pm

For couples




The Unique Challenges and Joys of Parenting in the Ph.D.

Monday, February 24th

Higdon Residence at 7 pm



 Local Church Ministry and the Ph.D. Wife:  Insights from Pastor’s Wives

Tuesday, March 17th

President’s Reception Room at 7 pm



Adelphai Graduate Celebration: Encouragement from the Finish Line

Monday, April 27th

President’s Reception Room at 7 pm

Contact Us

Kari McCullouch & Amelia Higdon
Adelphai Society Co-President

Mrs. Mary Mohler
Faculty Advisor

Facebook: Adelphai Society

* If you would like a recording of a missed event, please contact us either through email or Facebook *