The Adelphai Society exists to:

  • Equip and encourage women as they love and support their husbands during the unique and difficult task of pursuing a PhD

  • Expose PhD wives to the academic world, and develop an atmosphere of fellowship along this road

  • Provide opportunities for encouragement, training and counsel by godly men and women>


End of the Year Celebration

Adelphai Society will host the End of the Year Celebration on Tuesday, April 26th at 8 pm at Mrs. Mohler’s house. Graduating PhD student wives, Kari McCulloch and Amelia Higdon, will share their experience of the PhD season. Also, meet the new leaders of Adelphai and bring ideas for next year’s meetings.

Contact Us

Kari McCullouch & Amelia Higdon
Adelphai Society Co-President

Mrs. Mary Mohler
Faculty Advisor

Facebook: Adelphai Society

* If you would like a recording of a missed event, please contact us either through email or Facebook *