Student Care

Since 2012, Tom & Robyn Scott have partnered with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to provide care for the students and families of the Southern Seminary community.

“Single or married, life can be challenging. We want to come alongside you with biblical truth as you navigate life’s challenges.” – Tom Scott

The Scotts serve SBTS through The Center for Biblical Living, a non-profit counseling organization that seeks to serve pastors, missionaries, and seminary students as they seek to serve the Lord.

Student Care Request

Counsel & Care

Jesus doesn’t promise that life becomes problem-free when we follow him. But he does surround us with other believers who point us to his Word in difficult times.

While studying the Word of God, we often need help living it (2 Pet 2:12). That is why the Student Life office, in conjunction with the local church, provides particular care services for students who are struggling to fight sin and engage with the common trials of this life. If you are in need of student care, please complete our Student Care Form.


Classes are a significant step for heading into ministry, yet it’s also beneficial to sit with someone who is a few laps ahead of you in life and ministry. We would love to grab coffee and discuss what life might look like for you in the next few years (Titus 2:1-8). If you are interested in mentoring, please complete our Student Care Form.

Marriage Ministry

We offer casual and practical event opportunities for couples to grow their marriage. Datenight IN events are one way we provide biblical living instruction that will help you right away. Receive mentoring from a seasoned couple who seek to live out biblical principles for marriage and parenting.

Student Testimonials

Male Student

“I asked for assistance from Tom Scott because of my addiction to porn. He has helped me tremendously in this area. He was thoroughly Biblical in all that he did. He exceeded my expectations. God used him to help restore my marriage and my relationship with Jesus. Tom convicted me of sin and got to the root of the issue, something I was hoping someone could help me to do. I’m thankful for his ministry. I am thankful for Tom Scott and Southern Seminary for providing this type of student care.”

Student Couple

“Tom and Robyn taught us from scripture regarding our marriage but more importantly our individual hearts and self-centered kingdoms. This helped me as a husband see how I was sinning against my wife in creating a little kingdom centered around me. No counselor I have seen before helped me change this much!”

Female Student

“Tom and Robyn were so helpful in walking me through a process that I was essentially crawling around blind in. They had me read Scripture and discover for myself (with help) what aspects of the issue were suffering and what aspects were my sin, and what the Bible had to say. Their direction was not negligent of the practical aspect either; I almost always had work to do during the week. This helped me to ‘discipline myself for the purpose of godliness,’ and to be able to deal with difficulties better-equipped in the future.”

Male Student

“Tom and I met twice to discuss my anxiety. We prayed, read Scripture, discussed anxiety from a biblical perspective, and went over resources on anger and anxiety. Our time together was very helpful, it helped me deepen my faith in Christ, and it certainly met my expectations.”

Contact Us

Tom & RobynTom and Robyn Scott were married in 1995, entered full-time ministry in 1997, and had their first of three children in 1999. They have a strong passion for those heading into ministry and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Contact them at or (502) 572-4410.