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Seminary is hard. Student Care is here to help. Student Care is available to current students and their families. We now offer both in-person and virtual counseling appointments free to current students and their spouses. Simply fill out the Student Care Request Form below and we will help you schedule an appointment.

Whatever your struggle, our Student Care providers are always ready to help. While we prefer that students first seek help from their local church for care, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for biblical care and mentoring.

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Care Providers

Southern’s Student Care staff is made up of men and women who are passionate about caring for seminary students and their families. All have extensive ministry experience in the local church and/or on the mission field. While studying the Word of God and preparing for vocational ministry, students often need help living it daily (2 Peter 2:12). We would love to meet with you to discuss your life and ministry.

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Student Care Opportunities


Those preparing for ministry are not immune to the problems of life. If you’re a Southern student and you’re having trouble, let us help you by pointing you to the gospel and offering practical guidance and help.

Student Care Request Form


We know preparing for ministry can feel overwhelming. While the classroom provides incredible training, it can also be helpful to meet with someone who’s a few laps ahead of you in life and ministry. We would love to grab coffee and discuss what life might look like for you in the next few years (Titus 2:1-8).

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Marriage Care

Along with offering counseling and mentoring for married couples, Student Care also hosts regular marriage training events called DateNight IN. DateNight IN is a training program designed to enrich and encourage couples. These evenings equip couples to grow in intimacy, parenting, connection, and purpose in their marriages. We provide tools for them to develop their own vision and foundation of marriage so that they may flourish as they serve together in ministry.

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Male Student

“I asked for assistance from a Student Care staff member because of my addiction to porn. He has helped me tremendously in this area. He was thoroughly Biblical in all that he did. He exceeded my expectations. God used him to help restore my marriage and my relationship with Jesus. He convicted me of sin and got to the root of the issue, something I was hoping someone could help me to do. I’m thankful for his ministry and Southern Seminary for providing this type of student care.”

Student Couple

“Student Care staff taught us from Scripture regarding our marriage but more importantly our individual hearts and self-centered kingdoms. This helped me as a husband see how I was sinning against my wife in creating a little kingdom centered around me. No counselor I have seen before helped me change this much!”

Female Student

“Student Care staff were so helpful in walking me through a process that I was essentially crawling around blind in. They had me read Scripture and discover for myself (with help) what aspects of the issue were suffering and what aspects were my sin, and what the Bible had to say. Their direction was not negligent of the practical aspect either; I almost always had work to do during the week. This helped me to ‘discipline myself for the purpose of godliness,’ and to be able to deal with difficulties better-equipped in the future.”

Professor Recommendation

“The Student Care team will not give you simplistic answers to complex problems. Their counselors will seek to understand those complexities in order to offer wisdom from Scripture that is both relevant and deep. I have witnessed the good they’ve done in many people’s lives. ”

Jeremy Pierre, Ph.D.
Lawrence & Charlotte Hoover Professor of Biblical Counseling
Chair, Department of Biblical Counseling & Family Ministry

DateNight IN is a training program designed to enrich and encourage marriages. Couples enjoy dinner with their spouse, followed by a time of teaching and Q&A on a specific marriage topic.

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