Camping Rental Procedures

Reservation/Check out Process

  1. Please complete the form here.
  2. We will notify you the availability of items within 2-3business days after we receive the rental form.
  3. Items must be reserved at least two days before the needed rental date.
  4. A valid Shield Card/student ID # is needed for rental pick-up.
  5. Payment is required at the time of pick-up (cash, check, or card).
    1. Check should be written to: SBTS or The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  6. The HRC Camping Rental has the right to limit the amount of equipment and to deny reserved equipment.
  7. Renters are responsible for all equipment that goes out under the renter’s name.
  8. The renter must pick up and return equipment.

Check In

  1. Equipment will be thoroughly checked within three days of the date it was dropped off for any damaged or missing parts.
  2. The renter will be charged a $5 fee for late equipment. Each day after will received a $5 increase.
  3. We reserve the right to not rent to you if you abuse our service.
  4. Items must be returned clean and dry and in the same condition you received them.
  5. Items requiring any additional cleaning or repair by our staff will result in a flat $25 damage and cleaning fee.

Please email if a cancelation is needed.  Email: