Incoming Mail & Packages

Addresses for all mail and packages should follow the format below:

Full Name (First and Last Name)
Office Name
2825 Lexington Rd
Louisville, KY 40280

Mailing Services receives packages and letter mail for all offices Monday – Friday. Mail received and processed before 1:30 pm is delivered to offices on one of two separate routes. Any mail not processed before 1:30 pm is delivered the next business day.

Large and/or heavy packages are set aside for Sodexo to pick up and deliver. This usually happens once per day, but on weeks when large events are happening on campus, this may be an every other day occurrence. You are always welcome to send someone to Mailing Services to pick up your packages if needed sooner. (We are working on making this happen again post COVID)


Outgoing Mail & Packages

  • Please put your return name (or office name), address, and account number in the upper left-hand corner of each outgoing mail piece so that Mailing Services can charge the correct account. For stacks of mail, the account number may be put on the top piece of mail only as long as the stack is secured together.
  • Outgoing mail should be in the mail center by 3:30 p.m. and no later than 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday for same-day mailing through USPS.
  • United States Postal Service (USPS) will not allow us to meter mail for future mailing. They require us to mail each piece on the day it is metered and from the 402 zip code area.
  • UPS pick up occurs by 4:00 pm every weekday afternoon, and any UPS packages dropped off after pickup will go out the following business day. FedEx Express packages can be dropped off no later than 2:30 pm for same day pickup.
  • To avoid misplaced mail, please separate your mail as follows:
  • Interoffice
  • Off-campus
  • Out of the country
  • Mailing Services can seal #10 envelopes.  Please put the account number on the top envelope and stack the envelopes with the flap folded down
  • Mail carriers have difficulty carrying large quantities of mail and heavy, bulky items.  These items need to be delivered to Mailing Services or have a request put in for Sodexo to pick up rather than leaving them for the mail carrier.
  • When mailing parcels, please do not place plastic tape over the postage area since stamps and meter tapes do not stick on plastic.

Interoffice Mail

  • All campus mail is put in boxes each day unless it arrives after office hours.
  • Tiny items are difficult to handle; therefore, Mailing Services requests that all interoffice mail items be at least 3 ½ X 5.
  • Test papers must be bi-folded with the student’s name and box number on the outside.  They must be in box number order.


(For materials to be placed in all student or office mail boxes)

  • A form, found at, is to be filled out and approved by the Dean of Students and accompany the items to be placed in mail boxes.
  • Due to restrictions, only Seminary correspondence may be placed without postage in students or office mail boxes.  Advertisements of a non-seminary nature, printed materials, and correspondence from sources outside the Seminary require postage.
  • The number of post office boxes in use changes each semester.  Call Mailing Services at Ext. 4212 to determine the current number of active student boxes.

Bulk Mailings

  • In order to insure appropriate staffing for large quantities of outgoing packages, a form, found at, must be filled out before package are delivered to Mailing Services.
  • Due to limited space, bulk mailings may need to be spread out over multiple days.