Once a student moves off-campus, we can forward mail to a new address for six (6) months. After six months, all mail received will be returned to the sender. Forwarding through USPS is not possible when moving from an on-campus apartment, so all students will need to update their address with all contacts to ensure future mail delivery.

  • First-class letter mail, periodicals, and all USPS packages can be forwarded.
  • All other mail is either returned to the sender or recycled.
  • All packages from FedEx, UPS, and DHL cannot be forwarded unless postage is paid for. Otherwise, it will be returned to the sender.

If a package or letter is received after forwarding has expired, you are welcome to contact us and pay to generate a new shipping label to your temporary/permanent address. Please email us for more information.

To ensure immediate mail forwarding, please check out with Boyce Student Life or the Housing Department or .  If that is not possible, please fill out this form.