All mail and packages addressed to students on campus should follow the format below:

Full Name (First and Last Name)
2825 Lexington Rd
Louisville, KY 40280


Letter Mail:

  • Mailboxes are assigned to all on-campus students with the exception of Grinstead Apartment residents (mailboxes for Grinstead are located outside each apartment building). Your campus address must appear on all incoming mail and packages.
  • Incoming letter-size mail is placed into the student’s mailbox.
  • If mail is received without your full address and first/last name, it may be delayed.
    • Do not include your dorm address as there is no direct delivery of mail to student dorms.
  • Students are expected to check and empty their mailboxes on a regular basis.


  • Students receiving packages or items that are too large to fit into your box are notified via your student email when the package is ready for pickup. Each email represents one package. You will need a photo ID, preferably your student ID card, to pick up your package.
  • Packages can be picked up at Mailing Services during open hours. Please wait until you receive an email from us through Pitney Bowes to pick up your package; notifications directly from carriers do not mean that the package has been processed by our staff.
  • Students are responsible for picking up their packages in a timely manner. You will receive a reminder notification after one week to pick up packages. If items are not picked up within two weeks, they will be returned to the sender, unless exempted by the Mailing Services Specialist.
  • You must pick up your package in person unless special arrangements are made. If you need someone else to pick up your mail, send an email to with the full name of the person who has permission to pick up the package for you, as well as your name and box number.
  • Packages that are improperly addressed (no name/incomplete name, incorrect name, wrong SBTS box number, etc.) will be kept in a location with miscellaneous items for two weeks. After this time period, the packages will be returned to the sender.
    • If you know that a package will be arriving under a different name (parent’s name, sibling’s name, etc.), please send an email to to notify us.
  • Different spellings or nicknames are not recorded in our system. Anything unidentifiable by our system will be returned to the sender, so be sure your family, friends and business contacts do not use nicknames in your address.