Group Fitness

Group Fitness Tips


  • Be sure to bring a towel and a bottle of water.

  • Be aware of the health and rec center’s dress code before attending class or the weight room.

  • Show up a couple minutes early to get a spot.

  • Let the instructor know it’s your first time.

  • Watch and listen for cues from your instructor.

  • Modify movements according to your fitness level.

  • Bring a friend for accountability.

Class Descriptions

Zumba (Women Only)

Wed. 8:15am-9am, Sat. 9:15am-10am in Levering Gym

Taught by: Abbey Hubin

Zumba is a fun, effective, Latin-inspired, and easy-to-follow aerobic exercise, by using your arms and leg muscles giving your heart and lungs a continuous workout. Zumba offers many health benefits by the amount of calories burned in a single session. This class will be upbeat, have energizing choreography, and be able to meet any fitness level.

Functional Fitness (Women Only)

Mon. and Fri. 7am-7:45am in Levering Gym

Taught by: Jessica Hightower

This class focuses on improving the basic functional movement patterns (squat, hinge, push, pull, etc) through strength training, circuit training, Tabata-style, or light cardio. Each class will target the major muscle groups and utilize resistance, such as hand weights or your own body weight. This class is for all fitness levels and the instructor will make modifications for movements as needed. First class starts Friday, September 10th.

Workout of the Day (Men Only)

Tues. and Thurs. 4pm-8pm in Levering Gym

Taught by: Alec Stevens

Men’s Workout of the Day is designed to provide you with a workout plan every Tuesday and Thursday. The workouts will be beneficial for all experience levels. Challenge yourself, learn proper technique and become more consistent in the weight room with Men’s Workout of the Day. To receive the Workout of the Day please click the link below to fill out the registration form!

Workout of the Day

Dress Code


The purpose of the HRC Dress Code is to promote Christian virtue, gospel living, and love for one another in the way that we dress. By defining clear guidelines for appropriate dress, we support the principles of Christian modesty and godly discernment for the purpose of loving one another.


  • Modest apparel is expected in all areas of the HRC

  • Apparel with inappropriate language or pictures are not permitted

  • With the exception of the pool area, shoes are required in all areas of the HRC. Closed toe shoes are required in the weight room

  • Excessively short or form fitting shorts are not permitted (bicycle shorts)


  • Shirts that cover the chest and midriff must be worn at all times

  • No crop tops or shirts that open and expose the lower back

  • No form-fitting or excessively loose tank-tops

  • Yoga pants are permitted as long as the fabric is thick enough not to see through


  • Shirts must be worn at all times

  • No form-fitting or excessively loose tank-tops that show the large portion of the chest, abdominals, and back area (stringers)

  • Shorts that go above the mid thigh are not permitted