Children's Department

Spring 2023 - Program Update

These updates below are new for the Spring 2023 semester and are working on being updated in all policy handbooks.

  • Starting this semester, our staff is prohibited from giving any sort of medication including teething medication. If your child requires medication to remain comfortable in our care, we kindly ask that they remain home or that you apply the medication before their arrival. This is for the protection of our staff as giving medication to any child requires certifications that our staff does not currently possess. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Starting this semester, any homemade remedy for diaper rash will be required to be labelled with a full ingredients list. This is also for the protection of our staff as per liability so that we are aware of what we are placing on your child’s body. There are no exceptions to this policy

Any questions or concerns about these updated policies should be directed to our Coordinator of Childcare, Ashley Akesson, at


The Children’s Department is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children of the seminary community. Our programs are centered on biblical truth and promote the development of life long skills.

Policies & Expectations

A parent may not place their child in childcare if: 

  • The child has a fever of at least 100 degrees. 
  • The child has a runny nose, with colored (yellow or green) mucus. 
  • The child has diarrhea.
  • The child has a persistent cough. 
  • The child is visibly ill.
  • A sibling or parent of the child currently has or recently had a contagious sickness. 

Expectations of Children while in Childcare:

  • A child must show respect for teachers, other children, and the property of SBTS in speech and action, failure to do so will result in a time out and the possibility of being sent home. 
  • A child is not permitted to hit, kick, bite, or cause harm to others. Doing so will result in a time out and the possibility of being sent home. 
    • If a child bites others, he or she may be dismissed from the program for two weeks.
  • If a child cries for 15 minutes and shows no signs of being consoled, the parent will be notified and expected to pick up their child. 


  • Please label every possession that your child brings to childcare, this includes; diaper bags, bottles/cups, pacifiers, and snacks. 
  • Please bring extra diapers/pull-ups and a change of clothes for your child who is 3 or younger.  

Check-in & Pick-up:

  • Please alert the childcare workers of any allergies or special needs that your child may have.
  • Please provide the childcare workers with any updated information, including phone number and email. 
  • The parent or guardian will receive a security tag at the time of check-in. This ticket must be presented by the parent or guardian in order to pick up the child. If for some reason the security tag is lost, parents or guardians may present their driver’s license or shield card.
  • Please notify the childcare worker at the time of check-in if a spouse or babysitter will be picking up your child, so that they may instruct you on what to do.
  • To be good stewards of both our workers’ time and our resources, we ask that parents be prompt for pick-up. If parents arrive late, a $25, per child, late fee will apply.

Discipline Procedure: 

We use a 3 warning system every time there is a discipline issue. 

  • Verbal warning 
  • Time-out for no more than age of child (5 years=5 minutes) 
  • Possibility of being sent home.

Southern’s Children’s Department programs are limited to Southern affiliates.

By submitting registration forms, you grant permission for your child (as listed in the form), to attend the children’s program as registered for at the SBTS Health and Recreation Center. You agree to hold blameless all caregivers, assistants, and all affiliates to the Health and Recreation Center from any and all injuries that may result from this program. In the event that you cannot be contacted, you authorize the HRC to obtain emergency medical care for your child.


Approved Affiliates:


Registered students enrolled in classes either at Boyce or Southern for the current semester (this does not include students with a disrupted status).


Individuals employed at either Southern or Boyce (this includes Sodexo workers).


Graduates of either Southern Seminary or Boyce College.


Current Trustees of Southern.

Board Member

Currently a member of the Southern Seminary Foundation Board.




At Southern Seminary, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children.  That’s why we chose KidCheck as our children’s check-in solution to bring you the best check-in experience and to allow us to partner with you to keep your children safe.

It is important you create your free account here:, select “Create Your KidCheck Account,” and follow the on-screen prompts. Alternatively, you can download the from the App Store or Google Play Store to create, manage, and update your account right on your phone (does not complete check-in).

You can create your account from the comfort of home; it’s simple and will only take a few minutes.  Creating your account prior to drop-off allows a smooth transition and helps your first check-in go quickly.

Once you’ve created your account, simply use your 10 digit phone number to check-in with us or anywhere you use KidCheck.

Southern Childcare


Southern’s Childcare program is designed for children ages 18 months to four years of age. Once registered, each child’s place in the program will be reserved for the entire semester, allowing families to depend on SBTS as part of their weekly routine. Parents are able to choose between two options of care: once a week (Mondays) or twice a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays). During their time in Southern Childcare, children will be introduced to the alphabet, numbers 1- 10, and color recognition. For more information about this program, please contact our Coordinator of Childcare, Ashley Akesson, at

Important Registration Information

All payment will be processed through our KidCheck software, with the first month’s fees due at the time of registration. A reminder email will be sent for the following months.

Registration will open at midnight when the date changes to January 7, 2023. This is set by our scheduling system and cannot be changed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If upon clicking the register link on January 7th you receive the message saying “registration is closed or class is full” this class is currently full. Classes will not be opened up for more children as our class sizes are set by our child safety ratios. In the event the class you desired is full, the waitlist listed at the end of this page is your only option unless a spot opens up that was previously taken.

Open House Night!

Starting this semester, we are adding an open house night for the childcare program! This will be a drop in time for you and your family to visit the childcare classroom, meet teachers, get up to date policy information, and have any questions answered by the Coordinator of Childcare! No additional registration is needed other than the registration for the program.

Date: January 30th

Time: 6:30-7:30p.m.


Southern Childcare Registration


January 7-14


18 months – 4 years old

by registration


Mondays ONLY


Tuesdays AND Thursdays


9 a.m. – Noon


Childcare Room in Honeycutt Hall


Cost per Session

Session ONE February 6, 13, 20 1 Child $45
Session TWO February 27, March 6, 13 2 Children $85
Session THREE March 20, 27, April 10 Three or More Children $120 Max


Tuesday & Thursdays



Cost per Session

Session ONE February 7 – February 21 1 Child $90
Session TWO February 28 – March 14 2 Children $175
Session THREE March 20 – April 10


*Skipping Spring Break Week*

Three or More Children $255


Southern Childcare Waitlist
Parent Name
Child Name

Seminary Wives Institute Childcare


SWI Childcare is designed to serve mothers attending the Seminary Wives Institute on either Wednesday mornings or Thursday nights. Once registered, each child’s place in the program will be reserved for the entire term. Our knowledgeable staff will lead children through lessons and activities based on the Gospel Story Curriculum. For more information, please contact our Coordinator of Childcare, Ashley Akesson at

Important Registration Information
  • SWI childcare exists to provide care to mothers who would otherwise be unable to attend classes. Fathers who are not physically in class or physically at work are expected to stay home to care for their children. This allows us to best serve the seminary community by offering childcare spots to those who need it most. We have a limited number of spaces available in each age group. We will do our best to accommodate as many families as possible.
  • Payment is due at the time of registration for each term in full.

Seminary Wives Childcare Registration


January 7


8 weeks – 12 years old

by Jan 7, 2022


Payment is due at the time of registration.

$12 per child, per term

SWI Thursday - Term III

January 25 - March 2
7 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Register Here

SWI Wednesday - Term IV

March 8 - April 19
10 a.m. - Noon
Register Here

SWI Thursday - Term IV

March 9 - April 20
7 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Register Here

Department Events Childcare


Department Events Childcare is designed to serve Southern families attending various campus events. Our knowledgeable staff will lead children through Bible stories and age appropriate activities while parents take part in events around campus. For more information, please contact our Coordinator of Childcare, Ashley Akesson at

Women's Auxiliary Childcare Registration

Women's Auxiliary

April 24th
Register Here

1937 Project Childcare Registration

1937 Project

April 22nd
Register Here

Koinonia Childcare Registration

Koinonia - January 2023

January 31st
Register Here

Koinonia - April 2023

April 18th
Register Here

Date Night In Childcare Registration

Date Night In - February 2023

February 10th
Register Here

Date Night In - March 2023

March 24th
Register Here

Date Night In - April 2023

April 14th
Register Here

For more information contact: