What should I do if I have special dietary needs?

Southern Seminary expects that Pioneer College Caters, our dining services partner, will make all reasonable (and some unreasonable) efforts to meet the dietary needs of Southern Seminary and Boyce College students. Pioneer is committed to not only the routine preparation of meals, but also the health of the students they serve.

If you have special dietary needs you should make an appointment with the Director of Dining Services to discuss these needs. The director can be reached at 502.897.4453. You should bring with you your signed physician-prescribed diet. The prescription should outline not only foods that you must avoid, but also the foods your physician recommends. If Pioneer cannot meet your dietary needs, an exemption from the board plan will be considered. An appeal may be made to the Vice President of Operations who will, in consultation with the Dean of Students, determine if an exemption is appropriate.

When is it too late to change my board plan?

The last day to change your board plan is two weeks after the first day classes begin for the semester. If you would like to make a change to your board plan please contact the Student Housing office, 502-897-4203 or housing@sbts.edu.


Who is required to have a board plan?

All students who live in the dorms must participate in a board plan. Students living in apartments are not required to participate.


Can I choose the plan I want?

There is flexibility built into the plans offered. Minimum participation is based upon credit hours completed. However, you can always choose a more robust plan. For example, a Seminary student or Boyce upperclassman could choose the Underclassmen plan, taking advantage of the lower cost per meal.


What are Block Meals?

Board plans are set up based on a set number of meals available during a set time period. A Block plan allows you to manage your meal plan by semester, rather than by day or week. You can also share your meals, using them for friends or family-up to five meals per meal period.


What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars spend like money and can be used in the cafeteria,Founders’ Café, or the Coffee Shop. Flex Dollars associated with meal plans expire at the end of the term for which they were purchased.
You can also purchase additional Flex Dollars and receive and added bonus. These added Flex Dollars will never expire. For example, if you add $50, you will have added $55 in Flex Dollars. For an extra bonus, Flex Dollar purchases of $100 or more will have an added 20% bonus value.  For example, if you add $200, you will have added $240 in Flex Dollars.  Any indvidual with a shield card can participate in this, not just dorm residents.


Where can I eat my meals? Can I eat them in Founders’ Café?

All of the meals may be eaten in the cafeteria. However, each of the plans allow for “Exchange Meals” to be purchased in Founders’ Café. Each plan allows for five Exchange Meals per week in Founders’ Café.


What happens to my unused meals at the end of the semester?

Unused meals and board plan Flex Dollars will expire at the end of each semester. Voluntary Flex Dollars will continue until all Flex Dollars have been exhausted.


What about J-Terms?

Board plans will not be required for J-Terms. However, special plans will be available to all students at reduced prices: 10 meals per week for $58.50 and 5 meals per week for $37.


Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

As questions arise please check the FAQs web page. If you do not find your answer there, please email diningservices@sbts.edu.