I am a new student, when do I register for classes?

Registration opens for new students on the 3rd Monday in April for fall semester, and on the 3rd Monday in November for spring semester.

How do I know what courses are required for my degree?

Students follow the degree requirements outlined in the academic catalog for the semester in which they first entered their degree program. This means that even if the school changes the degree requirements, you will still follow the original requirements. However, students may choose to enter into a newer catalog year but cannot opt into older catalog requirements.

To view the degree requirements for a program, students should consult the academic catalog from the year they started the degree.

Can I change degrees?

In certain situations, students may desire to change degree programs. Some may wish to switch to a newer academic catalog for their current degree because degree requirements have been modified. Others may wish to change programs because their long-term vocational objectives have changed.

To change degrees or move to a newer academic catalog, students should complete the Degree Change Form.

Note: Requests to change degrees from the MDiv to the MA are rarely approved because most MA programs (with the exception of those in the School of Church Ministries) are reserved for laypeople. If you are unsure whether it is the best option for you to change degree plans, contact the academic advisor.

Is it possible to substitute a required course with a different course?

Course substitutions are possible but only as rare exceptions. All requests for substitutions must be submitted through the Course Substitution Form. Students who are considering a course substitution request should consult the Course Substitution Policy.

What should I do if a required course for my degree plan is no longer (or rarely) offered because it has been modified in newer academic catalogs?

When newer catalogs alter a degree requirement, students in older catalogs can choose to either take the original class or have the new course automatically substitute in the place of the original. Examples of this automatic substitution include:

  • 40150 Personal Spiritual Disciplines replaces 40010 Formation for Christian Ministry
  • 40301 Pastoral Ministry replaces the Worship elective for older Theology M.Div. programs

Do courses need to be taken in any particular order?

No, classes may be taken in any order.

Do any courses have prerequisites?

Very few courses have prerequisites.  For the most part students can take courses in any order they desire. Therefore, students can take Systematic Theology III before taking Systematic Theology I or they can take Introduction to New Testament II before taking Introduction to New Testament I.  These courses do not build on one another and are labeled I, II, III in order to designate what topics will be covered in each section, not necessarily the order they a  student should take them.

Also, students may take elective courses prior to taking introductory courses in that field.  For example, a student may take an elective such as “The Person and Work of Christ,” prior to taking Systematic Theology I, II, or III.  However, familiarity with a field of study before taking electives in that field is obviously preferable.  Therefore, it is wise to take as many introductory classes as possible before taking electives.

There are a few courses that have prerequisites.  Obviously students must take elementary and intermediate language courses before they take exegesis electives.  Students must also take Christian Preaching prior to Preaching Practicum.  If you would like to see if your course has a prerequisite please see the Academic Catalog.

Common courses with prerequisites are:

  • Preaching Practicum (Christian Preaching is required)
  • The  Syntax & Exegesis courses for both Greek and Hebrew (Elementary Greek/Hebrew is required)
  • Counseling Electives (Introduction to Biblical Counseling is required)

How do preaching classes apply to women?

Christian Preaching and Preaching Practicum are restricted to male students. Female students will replace preaching courses with the following:

  • 30000 Christian Preaching should be replaced by 45400 The Ministry of Teaching.
  • 30020 Preaching Practicum(in academic catalogs prior to 2015-16) should be replaced by any free elective.