AM Character Assessment

The Character Assessment form is designed to help Ministry Supervisors reflect upon the spiritual strengths and weaknesses of students participating in Applied Ministry. Upon completion, the Ministry Supervisor is required to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the student to review the content of the assessment.
  • Based on your experience this semester, evaluate this student in each of the following areas.
  • Please provide detailed feedback for your answers above.
  • Summarize the student's top 3 successes this semester.
  • Summarize the student's top 3 missed opportunities this semester.
  • Summarize the student's strengths and weaknesses as you have observed this semester.
  • Suggest several action steps that you would recommend for this student in the next six months. Identify areas where a gap existed between the ministry plan and implementation.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to print a copy of this assessment for their records and to give to the student when they meet to discuss it.