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Southern Seminary's Applied Ministry is field experience to implement your theological education. The class focuses on a short term project to enhance your applied skills, and long term thinking on your career to focus your trajectory.
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Applied-Ministry-Handbook-Spring 2019

The handbook is a consolidated piece concerning the details of the course. The document covers:

-Partner Site Requirements
-Supervisor Requirements
-Appendix #1 Note to Supervisors
-Appendix #2 Composing Goals
-Appendix #3 Methods to Complete AM Requirement

Student Form

1. Plans and Goals Form

For students to record the goals for their short term project at the beginning of the course in class.

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Supervisor Forms

1. Supervisor Sign Up

For supervisors to complete at the beginning of the semester.

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3. Supervisor Evaluation of Student

For supervisors to complete at the end of the semester.

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Applied Ministry Partnership Forms

1. A.M. Partnership Sign Up

For students taking applied ministry through a partner trip (e.g. Bevin Center Mission Trip)

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2. A.M. Partnership Report

For students to reflect on the applied ministry partnership experience.

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*Applied Ministry is a course required for all students pursuing the Master of Divinity, Diploma, and Professional MA programs.  In Applied Ministry (AM) the seminary student serves on the field with an eligible partnering site and obtains practical ministry experience under the supervision of a qualified minister. Depending on one’s degree program, students can take AM: Theology (44910) or AM: BGS (44920).  Each of these courses follows the same guidelines for field ministry requirements. Students fulfilling Applied Ministry through an SBTS Partnership (via the Student Life Internship or Bevin Center Trip) need to enroll in AM 44930.

**If you have questions about Applied Ministry, please see the Handbook below.  You may also contact Ben Ward at am@sbts.edu or 502-897-4680.



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