Students coming to Southern with a background in certain fields are able to complete an exam for advanced standing. This page will discuss the policies and process of taking these exams.

Available Exams

  • New Testament I
  • New Testament II
  • Elementary Greek
  • Greek Syntax & Exegesis
  • Old Testament I
  • Old Testament II
  • Elementary Hebrew
  • Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis*
  • Systematic Theology I
  • Systematic Theology II
  • Systematic Theology III
  • Church History I
  • Church History II

*Note: Students attempting to test out of Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis must take both the Elementary Hebrew and Hebrew Syntax AP Exams, even if the student has completed Elementary Hebrew.


AP exams are available for current students. They do not award course credit, but rather allow students to replace introductory courses with an elective in the same field. If a student passes the exam for Systematic Theology I, for instance, they may take another Theology class in its place. The only exceptions to this rule are the Elementary languages. Students who pass the Elementary Greek or Elementary Hebrew exams do not need to replace the course with anything else. To pass an exam, the student must receive at least an 80%. If the student fails an exam, they can retake the exam one time after 60 days (the second attempt will be a different exam). The exams are a service to students and so there is no fee for attempting an exam.


The AP exams are taken online on the student portal site, Canvas. The process for current students is below and is managed by the School of Theology. New students will need to work with Admissions first.

  1. Review policies and prepare for the exam.
  2. Find a proctor. Students must have a proctor for the exam. You may take the test at the location of your choice.
  3. Sign Up. Request access to the AP Exam by submitting the AP Test Form.  Our office will add you to the section on Canvas and send the test access code to your proctor.
  4. Access the test. Students will go to the Advanced Placement Testing course on Canvas. You can find the correct exam and your proctor will type in the access code. Students are given 80 mins to complete the exam. No aids or helps are allowed. All exam results will be given immediately, except for the Elementary Greek and Greek Syntax & Exegesis exams (results will be provided within 2 weeks).


Students attempting an exam are responsible for all of the content that is taught. To aid preparation, below you will find sample syllabi for the courses. These are representative and solely designed to give students a general idea of what may be on the exam.


If you have any questions, you can contact the School of Theology office at Our office will be happy to assist you.