Important Purchase Information

At SBTS our Ph.D. gowns are specifically custom and vary from regular doctoral or Ph.D. gowns. In previous years that customization came from having the Shield sown onto the velvet panels, as we switched regalia suppliers we had the opportunity to revisit that design and decided to walk away from that. However, it is still a custom gown due to a specific velvet used on the gown. That being said you will not be able to order this online through the Jostens site. If you would like to, please email for the order form and instructions.

Students are allowed to purchase any gown that they would like for future personal use; however, if it is not the custom gown, you will not be allowed to wear that gown during the ceremony. A rental gown that meets the custom requirement will be provided for every graduate walking the ceremony. For other purchase options please visit Jostens site linked above.