Important Purchase Information

We have specific regalia that is required for all EdD Graduates. In the past, we have allowed for a variation on EdD regalia; however, we have decided to move to a move consistent look for the ceremony and will not be allowing for variation. A rental gown that meets the regalia requirements will be provided for every graduate walking in the ceremony; however, if you would like to purchase your own regalia you may do so, below are instructions. You are welcome to purchase whatever gown you would like for future personal use, but if it does not match the requirements listed below in the chart, you will not be allowed to wear the gown in the ceremony. If you have any questions regarding that, please contact or 502-897-4205.

Order Instructions

EdD Gown Chart.JPG

1) There are three doctoral packages. Only one meets the requirements for the ceremony, the Sussex.

  • Windsor

    • Highest Quality

    • Most Expensive

    • Will not be allowed to wear in the ceremony

  • Sussex

    • Higher Quality

    • Med-range expense

    • Will be allowed to wear in the ceremony

  • Bristol

    • Basic Quality

    • Least Expensive

    • Will not be allowed to wear in the ceremony

2) You will be asked to select your degree/major for your hood color: Pick “Educational (Light Blue)” for all packages.

3) Click herePreview the document for a helpful guideline on how to get measurements for regalia. The Bookstore at Southern is also equipped to help students get measured if needed.

*For ordering questions please contact Chris Adkins at or 859-240-4800.