Preparing for Graduation

In order to graduate, students must follow the steps below:

1. Graduation Eligibility

2. Submit Graduation Request

  • Students will waitlist the 1GRAD class in to start the graduation process.
  • Requests to graduate after the deadline will result in a $50 late fee or the postponement of your graduation to the next semester.  Requests will not be accepted after October 1 for December graduation and after March 1 for
    • December Deadline- September 15
    • May Deadline- February 15
  • Requests for December graduation will not be accepted after October 1 and requests for May graduation will not be accepted after March 1.

3. Degree Audit Review 

  • The Registrar will conduct the graduation audit and e-mail students with the results to confirm whether or not all academic requirements have been met by March 1st (May Graduation) or October 1st (December Graduation). Please be watching for this email, read it in full, and respond if necessary.
    • If a student has 6 credit hours remaining that will be completed within the term immediately following the graduation ceremony (winter/summer), students may still participate in the ceremony.
  • Administrative Requirements
    • The Cooperative Program Course must be completed by all students.
      • CP100, 26200, or 42490 meet this requirement.
      • The comparable class at another SBC seminary also fulfills this requirement when brought in as transfer credit. Check the TES database for a list of transfer equivalencies.
    • Doctoral Students have other administrative requirements. Contact the applicable Doctoral Office for more information on these requirements.

4. Canvas Course

  • After you have been approved to graduate by the Registrar, you will be added to the GRAD Canvas course. Access to this course will be available after the graduation deadline each semester.
  • You must access this course as there will be several required assignments that must be completed in order for you to graduate.

5. Clearing Holds

  • All holds must be cleared prior to graduation with the exception of Academic Records holds. These holds include:
    • Academic Records
    • Accounting
    • Campus Police
    • Library
    • MinistrySafe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
      • Required for all students. It MUST be completed through even if it has been taken through another organization/church.
  • If you have a hold from any of these offices, you will be notified in Canvas starting a month before the graduation ceremony. Hold statuses will be updated in Canvas as they are resolved throughout that month.

6. Graduation Events

  • Please click on this link for rehearsal, President’s Reception, and ceremony information.


All graduates must be approved by the faculty. Degrees cannot be conferred without that approval. Please contact Academic Records if you have questions about the graduation process.