Course Add or Switch

Students are allowed to add courses through My.SBTS until the start of the course.

  • On-campus courses: May add or switch courses until the first class meeting of the on-campus course by emailing Academic Records.
  • 8-week term courses: May add or switch course the first day of the course by emailing Academic Records.
  • Adding a course:
    • Click the blue plus “+” sign next to any course you want to enroll into.
    • After you add the course it will be listed in “My Courses” below the course listing.
    • If you don’t see the blue plus “+” sign, contact the Academic Records office for assistance at (502) 897-4209 or
  • Switching a course:
    • To switch a course, you will need to drop the course first then add the new course. Follow the directions below for dropping a course and above for adding your new course.

Course Drop 

Prior to the start of the course: Students are allowed to drop their courses themselves prior to the start of the course. Go to “My Courses” and click the red minus “” sign in the Action column to drop the course.

After the start of the course: During the first week of the course by completing the Course Drop/Withdrawal form.

  • Refunds: Courses dropped within this period there is a 100% tuition refund.
  • Dropped Courses on Transcripts: Dropped courses do NOT appear on the student’s transcript.

Course Withdrawal 

After the first week of the course, students may withdraw from a course using the Course Drop/Withdrawal Form until the midpoint of the course.

  • Refunds: There is no tuition refund for withdrawn courses after the online drop period ends.
  • Future Registration: For any withdrawn course, students will need to complete the Repeated Course Request Form so that Academic Records can enroll you in the course.
  • Withdrawn Courses on Transcript: Withdrawn courses will appear on the student’s transcript as a grade of “WP – Withdraw Passing” or “WF – Withdraw Failing” as determined by the professor.