Auditing of classes provides an opportunity for individuals to attend class lectures to gain knowledge and are exempted from the course requirements to earn a letter grade.

Audited courses will appear on the individual transcript with a grade of NC (no credit).

Requests to audit a class may be made under the following conditions:

  1.  Auditors must be an Alum or current student.  Persons who have never taken classes here must apply for admission as a non-degree student.
  2.  Only on-campus classes can be audited.  Requests to audit internet and modular courses (WW, MD) will not be considered. Arabic language courses and Biblical Counseling Practicum courses cannot be audited.
  3.  Auditors will submit the Audit Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the class.
  4.  Audits are subject to professor permission and enrollment availability. Auditors will be enrolled 1 week before the class starts if there are seats available.
  5.  Cost is $50 per credit hour (no enrollment fee.)


  1. Apply for admission as non-degree student (if needed).
  2. Complete Audit Request Form.
  3. Academic Records will:
    • Forward the request to the professor for approval to audit the course.
    • Preregister the student for the course.  This will temporarily hold a seat. If the class is full, the auditor will be waitlisted for the class.
    • Check course enrollment one week before the class starts; the auditor will be add to Canvas and billed for the class if there is an available seat.
    • The first week of class the student will be changed from preregistered to registered by Academic Records
  4. Dropping an Auditing Course & Refunds
    • During the first week of course:
      • Students are allowed to drop an audited course and receive a full refund. You will need to submit the Course Drop/Withdrawal form to receive the refund. Failure to submit the Course Drop/Withdrawal form, may result in you not receiving a refund.
      • Students are allowed to switch a course from credit to auditing or auditing to credit.
    • After the first week of the course:
      • There is no refund for dropping the auditing course.
      • Students are not allowed to switch from auditing to credit or credit to auditing.