When Mat Alexander was in seminary, he took a class called “The Ministry of Leadership” with Southern Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. The final for the course was a single question: “Imagine you’re in a deacons’ meeting at a Baptist church. The church has been in decline and you’re asked to lead the church out of its decline. What would you say?”

Six months later, Alexander was in that very deacons’ meeting in real life. His seminary preparation was immediately invaluable.

“There are all sorts of expectations that churches have for their pastor, but at the end of the day, what I learned at Southern Seminary is that the truth must undergird everything I do. There are hard days and good days, highs and lows, but I recognized that what I needed most was the undergirding of that truth.”

It is a commitment to that truth — and the truth of God’s Word — that Alexander has sought to define his whole pastorate. As the pastor of a revitalization project in the American Deep South, Alexander says it was a commitment to rock solid theology that best prepared him for the challenges he faces. He says his church has doubled down on preaching and teaching the Scriptures, and that God has repeatedly proven himself to be faithful.

“Southern Seminary is tethered to the truth of the Bible. At every level of the school, I encountered a commitment to and passion for the truth of God’s Word,” he said. “Southern helped me develop rock solid theology, a passion for the local church, and a love for God’s people.”