J.T. English hears it all the time: “We live in a post-truth world.” That’s true, English says, but we have to resist the temptation to assume the church is a post-truth church. Such a thing is impossible. The church is set apart and committed to the truth — particularly the truth of God’s Word — and it is defined by its hunger and thirst for it.

And it was Southern Seminary’s commitment to biblical truth that both brought English to Louisville, Kentucky, and the part of his theological education that he considers most valuable in ministry. Southern Seminary is driven by unwavering, resolute, and Spirit-led convictions regarding the timeless truth of God’s Word and the church’s need for it.

“The local church is starving for theologically grounded leaders, and Southern is the premier place to train them,” English said. “The most practical thing you can give yourself to in ministry is the truth of God’s Word.”

With how often he teaches at the Village Church, English has especially benefited from Southern’s rich and diverse teaching faculty, he said. If he hadn’t had the opportunity to watch the faculty at Southern teach every day, English says he “literally could not do my job” today.