Everyone in the Kingdom of God needs a solid theological foundation. That is one of the core convictions that drives Courtney Moore in her ministry, and it’s a conviction she learned in great measure because of her education at Southern Seminary. As the founder of Women & Work, Moore has brought a passion and commitment to the truth of God’s Word to women all over the world. That commitment empowers women to be more faithful workers in both their home and their offices.

“As co-heirs with Christ and co-laborers alongside our brothers, women’s lives must also be founded upon and sustained by the truths of Scripture,” Moore said. “Through Women & Work, we want to see women base their lives on the truth of God’s Word and then offer every aspect of their lives to him as worship — especially their work, whether that’s inside the home or at the office.”

Moore says her organization’s approach to women’s ministry is to be distinctly “God-centered,” since they believe the timeless message of the gospel should not change — regardless of whether it is preached to men or women.

“Since we’ve inspired women to step into their God-given calling, they see the bigger picture that their calling isn’t about them,” she said. “Rather, it’s about God — his name and glory being made much of on the earth through their obedience to worship him even through their work.