On-Campus Fire Protocol

  • Upon hearing a fire alarm, all occupants must exit the building.
  • Upon the discovery of a fire, explosion, or smoke in a building, activate the nearest fire alarm and notify occupants of possible danger. Exit the building immediately and call Campus Police.
  • If a fire alarm sounds, close the door to your office or room as you proceed to the nearest exit. If smoke hampers your egress, find an alternate exit or crawl along the floor.
  • Do not use the elevator as smoke will fill the elevator shaft and endanger occupants.
  • If you encounter other people who seem to be confused about the alarm, advise them of the situation and encourage them to evacuate the building.
  • Proceed to a pre-designated assembly area away from the entrance of the building so as not to impede Fire Department access. Faculty members are encouraged to be accountable for the students in their classes.
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by the Louisville Fire Department or Campus Police.
  • If you become trapped in a building during a fire, place an article of clothing outside the window to alert rescue crews to your location. If no window is available, stay near the floor where air may be less toxic.

Designated Places of Shelter

Housing Units Severe Weather Shelters
Carver Carver Basement/Centennial Library
Foster Foster Basement
Fuller Fuller Basement
Grinstead Fuller Basement
Samuels Samuels Basement
Springdale Foster Basement/Samuels Basement
Mullins Complex Mullins Hall Basement