• The phones show an extension number, 61XX, on the first line button. That is your extension if other rooms need to call you, and your outside phone number is 502-714-61XX.
  • The 4th line button is labeled Campus Police, and is a speed-dial to them.
  • Main-campus extensions that begin with a 4 can be dialed directly, such as Campus Technology at 4006.
  • The phone plan includes the Continental 48 States plus Canada. That area is all considered “local.” You are not able to dial outside of that area, so use a calling card or other service if you need to dial Alaska, Hawaii, or international.


  • Internet in Mullins Hall is provided by WiFi only. There is no wired internet connection in the Suites. If you disconnect the phone and connect your computer or a wireless router, it will not allow you to connect. Personal wireless routers are not permitted as they will interfere with the SBTS WiFi. For security purposes, devices connected to the WiFi cannot connect to any other device on the WiFi.