The employee in this position will have the following essential job functions:

  • To create and track orders for book, music, journal, microform, and audio-visual materials whether physical or virtual; to cooperate with internal and external customers (vendors, publishers, seminary personnel) to answer questions and resolve problems about library orders; to check the library database for duplicate items and other editions
  • To invoice, process, and track payments for all materials ordered by the library; to create, track, and maintain standing orders for the library’s collections; to record donations of materials made to the library
  • To catalog details about an item owned by the library in a bibliographic record according to national standardized rules for cataloging; to catalog materials in various formats:  books, printed music, audio-visual materials, journals, microforms, and theses; to input or edit a bibliographic record in OCLC’s database and to export the bibliographic records into SBTS integrated library system with further editing; to define materials as being located in the various collections within the library building
  • To accession (assign a local call number to) all audio-visual materials; to make copies of the instrumental parts for campus orchestras and ensembles
  • To help select classification numbers in the Dewey Decimal and library of Congress classification systems depending on the location of materials in the library
  • To prepare authority work, that is , to bring all names and series in the bib record into conformity with previously established headings or to create new authority records; to maintain the library database, making corrections to headings
  • To create a holdings record and an Item record for each item owned by the library
  • To label all library materials using the OCLC label program; to label boxes for serials and music anthems; to assure that the materials are processed to be shelf ready (this would include laminating paperback books, sewing pamphlets into binders, and wrapping worn books); to input a commercial bindery order for professional binding of selected paperbacks and journals
  • To prepare materials for extension centers; to withdraw materials and prepare them for donation elsewhere
  • To enter change of location information about materials going to offsite storage; to pack boxes with offsite materials and enter information about offsite materials into the ITOB database
  • To maintain the Curriculum Materials Center for Boyce College (located in the library)
  • To keep daily, monthly and annual statistics in an Excel spreadsheet and keep departmental manuals up-to-date

Performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.