Campus Information Representative

Campus Police

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Job Qualifications

Job Functions

  • Operate the seminary’s switchboard, directing all incoming calls. Will route all calls to the appropriate person, office or department
  • Forward routine campus information, directory information and guest services calls to appropriate personnel
  • Maintain a general knowledge of the seminary providing accurate information regarding the campus and activities
  • Maintain the ability to multitask and recall information quickly and accurately
  • Serve as the receptionist for Campus Police
  • Make IDs for all new students, spouses and employees
  • Assist the Access Control & Technology Officer with key control and data management
  • Issue permanent and temporary parking passes and maintain databases for each
  • Assist the Administrative Assistant with parking citations and related appeals
  • Maintain the Motor Vehicle Records database
  • Serve as backup to the Police Dispatcher within the communication/disptach center of the Campus Police office
  • Complete understanding of all emergency procedures within the Campus Police office
  • Assist the Police Dispatcher with cataloging and dispensing lost and found items

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