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• A terminal degree (Ph.D.; D.M.A.; D.Mus.; Ed.D.) in a field related to the subject.
• Testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ and evidence of a mature Christian lifestyle.
• Professional and/or pastoral experience in the field (preferred but not required).
• Full agreement with the Abstract of Principles and the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.
• Support for the mission and vision of Boyce College.
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The Program Coordinator for Music and Worship will have the following essential job functions:

  • Develop and teach courses within the Music and Worship programs.
  • Teach consistent with and not contrary to the Abstract of Principles and the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.
  • Plan, implement, and perform administrative duties for the program, including budget development and oversight.
  • Document and distribute any music scholarships in coordination with the Executive Assistant to the Dean.
  • Participate in the recruiting and hiring of additional faculty members within the program (both full-time and adjunct).
  • Review course syllabi to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Recruit and supervise graders and teaching assistants within the program.
  • Hire and supervise accompanists to serve in the program.
  • Assist in the planning, development, and scheduling of courses.  Oversee the various bands and music groups at the college.
  • Travel with the bands on occasion in order to provide quality oversight and assist in recruitment efforts.
  • Plan and organize worship teams to serve at various Student Life and campus events, in coordination with the Student Life Office, Event Productions, and the Office of the Dean.
  • Develop networking relationships with area churches with regard to the Field Education program, including consideration of new churches and monitoring of current partnerships.
  • Serve as a liaison between current students and churches seeking worship leaders, in order to connect candidates to potential areas of ministry.
  • Provide accreditation support for both undergraduate and graduate music and worship programs.
  • Participate in various campus events such as new student orientation and Preview Day as well as ongoing recruitment efforts.
  • Pursue ongoing scholarly and ministerial development through avenues such as: writing projects, conference presentations, speaking engagements, and local church involvement.
  • Maintain the accuracy of sections of the academic catalog and website that pertain to the Music and Worship degree program.
  • Keep regular office hours and be generally available to meet with and mentor students.
  • Provide Academic Counseling to students in the program, in support of the primary academic counseling that is provided by the Boyce Academic Counselors within the Center for Student Success.
  • Attend various faculty and divisional meetings as directed by the Dean of Boyce College.
  • Perform other duties as needed by the Dean of Boyce College.

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