The employee in this position will have the following essential job functions:

  • Takes all messages for everyone working in the office
  • Manages all conference calls
  • Prepares a log of the telephone calls and messages as well as scheduled appointments (for one month, to be updated daily)
  • Maintains President’s calendar in Microsoft Outlook and is the only person allowed to add or delete items on the calendar.  Maintains a record of what is removed and added to the calendar
  • During the months September-January, the receptionist works on Southern Seminary Christmas cards.  This is a very large task that involves much time and attention to detail.  Lists must be compiled of contacts and recipients, travel arrangements, etc.  This is the largest single job for this position
  • Opens general seminary mail and routes to appropriate offices and individuals
  • Maintains office filing system
  • Assists Director of Seminary Wives Institute


Other responsibilities may include:

  • Ordering flowers
  • Preparing gift bags for chapel speakers
  • Closing the office in the afternoon


Performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.