The employee in this position will have the following essential job functions:

Online Admissions

  • Be first point of contact for prospective online students
  • Manage contacts of prospective online students
  • Manage information flow and guides for prospective online students
  • Create and oversee processes to ensure prospective online students have a smooth experience from prospective student to first day of class
  • General advising for current and future online students via telephone and email
  • Coordinate with Admissions Office to ensure a unified approach to online student admissions and contacts
  • Coordinate with Office of Student Success to retain and to increase house sold to current online students

Boyce College Online

  • Schedule BCO appointments for Director of Distance Education
  • Schedule online faculty training sessions and orientation meetings
  • Assist in the scheduling and coordination of the recording of lectures for online courses
  • Serve as assistant in all Boyce Online courses to assist students, instructors and Garrett Fellows
  • Communicate with online faculty regarding scheduling and semester course preparation
  • Maintain and update online course registration reports and related statistics
  • Prepare and enter program assessment reports into assessment reporting software
  • Assist in the preparation of program assessment reports
  • Prepare payment for online faculty
  • Work with Office of Enrollment Management to attract and to enroll increasing numbers of online students
  • Work with the Office of Student Success to retain and to increase hours sold to current on line students

Performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.