1. Who is required to obtain a parking permit?

  • All students, faculty, and staff of SBTS and Boyce College are required to obtain a
    parking permit.

2. How do I obtain a parking permit?

  • Go to the Campus Police website http://www.sbts.edu/police and click “Obtain Parking
    Permit Here.”
  • Those who do not have access to a computer should visit the Campus Police Office
    located on the lower level of the Pavilion.

3. What is the cost of a parking permit?

  • All students will pay $50 for a parking permit with the exception of students who are full-time employees of SBTS/Boyce College.
  • Parking permit fees are being charged in order to maintain campus parking lots and

4. How many permits can I receive?

  • Single commuters and dorm residents may receive 1 parking permit.
  • Married students and residents may receive 2 parking permits. NOTE: Married students
    may receive a second permit, free of charge, once the first permit has been purchased.

5. Can I obtain a refund for my parking permit?

  • Permit purchases are non-refundable.

6. How do I order a replacement permit?

  • You must come to the Campus Police Office to receive a replacement permit.
  • You will be charged $10.

7. Who does not need a parking permit?

  • Alumni
  • Guests/visitors
  • SWI students. NOTE: Married couples get a second permit, free of charge.

8. Who needs a temporary parking permit?

  • Modular/J-term students
  • Parking permit holders that are driving a rental/borrowed car for more than 2 business
    days should get a temporary parking permit.
  • Dual-enrollment students who are taking on-campus classes may receive a temporary parking permit, free of charge. These permits will be valid for the length of a semester. Students must come to the Campus Police office during business hours to obtain a permit.

9. How do I obtain a temporary parking permit?

  • Take all of the following information with you to the Campus Police Office:
    • Vehicle Make, Model, Year, and Color
    • Vehicle License Plate Number and State
    • Driver’s License
    • Date of Birth and Southern/Boyce ID Number

10. If I take evening classes, will I need a parking permit?

  • Yes, all students enrolled in classes must have a parking permit.