Administrative Services

Shield Card

The Shield Card is a student and employee ID card that remains valid during the term of registration.

Each student must carry the Shield Card while on campus and present it when requesting services from any office. ID photographs comply with the standard for decorum and dress.

To obtain a Shield Card, students must present a valid form of ID with their legal name.

For replacement cards or inquiries, contact the Campus Police office, (502) 897-4444.

Safety & Security Tips

Cooperation and involvement of all members of the seminary community in our campus safety and security program is absolutely necessary. At the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we sincerely believe that “Security Begins With You”. The students and staff must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and security by taking simple common sense precautions.

The following link contains basic safety and security tips for keeping everyone safe on campus.

Safety & Security Tips


Lost & Found

The Campus Police office is the official area on campus for lost and found items. Lost and found items are only kept for 30 days.  After 30 days, all lost and found items are donated or discarded, but until then every effort is made to find the rightful owner.

Notary Public

Campus Police has a notary public that can perform notarial duties free of charge. Call Campus Police for availability.