The Center for Christian Preaching is unapologetically committed to modeling and promoting expository preaching. That’s because we believe that something happens when God’s Word goes forth. When he spoke the universe into existence, it happened (Gen 1:3-26). When he speaks into the cold, dead hearts of sinners, a new creation appears (2 Cor 5:17). When preachers exposit the Word of God and announce that Jesus is the Christ, the church is built (Matt 16:16-18). Whenever God’s Word is proclaimed, something comes into existence that wasn’t there before.

However, even a casual observation of the evangelical landscape reveals that much of this church-building, Christ-centered, truth-driven, gospel-proclaiming, expository preaching has turned into, well, something else. This is a primary cause for the epidemic of biblical illiteracy in the pews. Preachers aren’t teaching the Bible, and they’re not teaching their people how to read it and study it for themselves. Not surprisingly, people grow disinterested in the Bible.

Why is the priority of expository preaching diminishing? Because it’s hard work. It takes a serious commitment to spend time in study, praying through the text and allowing it to marinate the preacher’s own soul. But if God’s people are going to be presented “mature in Christ” (Col 1:28), then biblical, expository preaching needs to return to the sacred desk of local churches. The Center for Christian Preaching exists to help make that happen.

Dan Dumas
Executive Director of the Center for Christian Preaching