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Thank you for your interest in Southern Seminary Online. We strive to provide you with an excellent, flexible, and interactive online learning experience. Below you will find two sample courses. When you click "Try Now," you will be re-directed to Southern Seminary's Learning Management System, Canvas. Log in and explore as you get a feel for what a typical Southern Seminary Online course would look like.

Introduction to New Testament I

Taught by: Dr. Jonathan Pennington

This course is a study of the materials available for studying the life and teachings of Jesus, the transmission of the gospel traditions in the early church, the teachings of Jesus, the main events in Jesus’ life, and the quests for the historical Jesus.

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Introduction to Church History II

Taught by: Dr. John Wilsey

This course of study will focus on four major areas in the modern period: the history of Protestantism, the origin and history of Baptists, the history of Roman Catholicism, and American church history.

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