This fall sign up to study with Dr. Robert Plummer in his 16-week online Greek Syntax course. The $250 audit fee will give you access to the complete course including all the lectures, assignments, and posted resources. You can also ask questions along the way. The course begins August 3rd. 


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  • The course will begin August 3 and end November 29
  • Pre-recorded Lectures, quiz reviews, and other video materials are available throughout the course and can be viewed at any time. The professor will also hold optional weekly live video chats with students, but these will be recorded as well.
  • Assignments may have due dates throughout the course.
  • You will receive an invite to the Learning Management System, Canvas, with login information before the class begins.

Prerequisite knowledge expected:

“I expect the students to have completed a standard Elementary Greek grammar (any major grammar would be fine — Mounce, Baugh, Black, Decker, etc.).  The class begins with one week of review, followed by a quiz over a list of vocabulary words from Elementary Greek.  The rest of the class works through the intermediate Going Deeper with NT Greek textbook, with lots of translation from the Greek NT. The class has just been re-recorded with lots of fresh material and is keyed to the just-released (July 2020) revised Going Deeper with New Testament Greek.” – Dr. Plummer

Course Catalog Description

An introduction to the Greek of the New Testament with readings in 1 John and other selected passages.

Required Textbooks

  • Going Deeper with NT Greek by Köstenberger, Merkle, and Plummer (Link)
  • Greek New Testament (UBS5 or NA28)