The Evening M.Div.


The right preparation at the right time.

Learn from Southern's leading faculty at a time that works for you.
Complete your degree in only four years, entirely at night.
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Why Choose the Evening M.Div.?

A promised pathwayQuality educationLasting Network


Complete your M.Div. in
four years, entirely at night


Classes per Semester


Nights Each Week


Years to Completion

Through the evening M.Div., students can earn their degree in four years by completing four classes a semester, offered two nights per week. Ideal for students whose work during the day prevents them from taking courses at other times, classes will be offered Mondays and Tuesdays from 6 – 10 p.m.

Each class will meet every-other Monday or Tuesday, with additional assignments, instruction, and interaction taking place online in between class meetings.

Students aren’t required to finish their degree in four years, and summer and winter terms will allow some students to graduate within three years. There are no penalties for taking more than four years.

Preview the Four Year Sequence

The training you need
for the challenges of ministry

Study with the authors at night. Evening M.Div. students will take classes from the same world-renowned faculty that teach during the day and enjoy Southern’s robust M.Div. curriculum.

Southern Seminary’s founders had a vision to make theological education possible for anyone called to ministry. The Evening M.Div. is the latest innovation in accomplishing this vision. Evening students will be able to experience the best of Southern Seminary while continuing to work and provide for your family.

Today is the right time to be prepared for gospel ministry; evening may be the right time to receive that preparation.

Discover how the Southern M.Div. offers comprehensive training for faithfulness in ministry.

Build a lifelong network

In the Evening M.Div., you’ll take courses with like-minded students working through the degree at the same time as you. Alumni who have lived on campus have often commented that their years on campus were some of the most foundational for their life and ministry.

Southern’s vibrant campus community also has a number of community-building opportunities for your family. Wives of students can take classes through the Seminary Wives Institute, and children can have fun in the Health and Recreation Center.

Fall Festival

Campus Life

・ Discipleship

・ Fall Festival

・ Intramural sports

・ Campus amenities including a gym, pool, café, and more.

Ministry Opportunities

Ministry Opportunities

・ Short-term mission trips

・ Deep involvement in local churches

・ The refugee population in Louisville lets students reach the nations

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty Mentoring

・ Get to know the same world-renowned faculty that teaches during the day.

・ Don’t just read good books, study with the authors.


A flexible program of study

See how you can complete your degree in just four years, with only two nights per week.

Students aren’t required to finish their degree in four years, and summer and winter terms will allow some students to graduate within three years. There are no penalties for taking more than four years.


Sample Degree Path

Year One

Fall 1

  1. Monday — Elementary Greek, New Testament I
  2. Tuesday — Personal Spiritual Disciplines, Hermeneutics

Spring 1

  1. Monday — Greek Syntax and Exegesis, New Testament II
  2. Tuesday — Southern Baptist Heritage and Mission, Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Year Two

Fall 2

  1. Monday — Elementary Hebrew, Old Testament I
  2. Tuesday — Church History I, Greek Elective

Spring 2

  1. Monday — Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis, Old Testament II
  2. Tuesday — Church History II, Systematic Theology I

Year Three

Fall 3

  1. Monday — Systematic Theology II, Marriage and Family Counseling
  2. Tuesday — Christian Apologetics, Personal Evangelism

Spring 3

  1. Monday — Systematic Theology III, Pastoral Ministry
  2. Tuesday — Discipleship and Family Ministry, Church History Elective

Year Four

Fall 4

  1. Monday — Christian Ethics, Christian Preaching
  2. Tuesday — Elective, Introduction to Missiology

Spring 4

  1. Monday — Preaching Practicum, Elective
  2. Tuesday — Applied Ministry, Elective

This is a sample degree path. Actual courses offered upon entry to this program may vary depending on the start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the degree in four years?

No, students can take longer than four years, or utilize summer and winter terms to finish the degree in less than four years. There are no additional costs or fees for continuing after the fourth year.

Are there any extra fees related to evening classes?

No, evening M.Div. students will pay the regular on-campus tuition and fees, without any additional costs.

Can Evening M.Div. students also take classes during the day?

Yes, Evening M.Div. students are full residential students and can choose any courses.

Will Evening M.Div. courses have the same format as courses offered during the day?

No, the Evening M.Div. is not merely evening course offerings, it is an innovative model for theological education.

Each course meets every-other Monday or Tuesday from 6 – 10 p.m. Additional instruction, assignments, and class interaction will take place throughout the week online. Finishing the degree in four years will require students to take classes every Monday and Tuesday night.

How will the online component work?

Each class will meet six times every other week for the duration of the semester for a total of 24 on-campus hours per class. On weeks when a class does not meet, the student will complete the required coursework online, including watching videos.

How should I apply for the Evening M.Div.?

Apply for the Master of Divinity with a concentration in Great Commission Studies or Christian Ministries, which can be completed entirely at night. The electives required for other concentrations may not be available in the evenings.

Great Commission Studies and Christian Ministries have the same requirements. Both include 18 hours of free electives.

If you haven’t taken Greek and Hebrew elsewhere, you may need to take Elementary Language courses. These courses are counted as free electives in the Great Commission Studies M.Div., they are not counted in the Christian Ministry M.Div.

Can I complete a Master of Arts degree in the evenings?

The Evening M.Div. does not offer a promised pathway for completing a Master of Arts, but Master of Arts students are welcome to take evening courses to help them complete their degree.

Can other students take evening M.Div. classes?

Yes. Evening M.Div. courses are available to any residential student.

Can I take evening M.Div. courses without relocating to Louisville?

Yes. Students are welcome to take Evening M.Div. courses and commute to campus.