Billy Graham | 1918 - 2018

“Billy Graham was a man of deep conviction whose passionate heartbeat was for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
President, Southern Seminary

Billy Graham, Southern Baptist preacher and evangelist, dies at 99
William Franklin “Billy” Graham, the Southern Baptist evangelist famous for his evangelistic crusades around the world, died today at his home in Asheville, N.C., a spokesman for the family confirmed. He was 99.

Mohler on Graham: ‘An epic era of evangelical history has come to an end’
“I was so privileged to know Dr. Graham and to have his have personal imprint on my life and on this ministry. We celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Billy Graham and we are thankful to have known one who ran his race and finished his course with such dignity and valor.”

Can revival come?
Billy Graham’s message at the Oct. 14, 1993, worship service held at Freedom Hall in Louisville during inauguration ceremonies for R. Albert Mohler Jr. as Southern Seminary’s ninth president.

7 things every Christian can learn from Billy Graham
Definitive pronouncements about a person’s legacy are best left to future historians, but in the case of Billy Graham, certain reliable observations can be made now.

Billy Graham and Southern Seminary: 7 decades of Great Commission Collaboration
Billy Graham’s legacy continues in depth and breadth as his vision receives amplification in the first quarter of the 21st century and with certainty of its future at Southern.

5 things every pastor can learn from Billy Graham
Billy Graham is a model of faith and faithfulness for every pastor.

Southern Seminary houses the only school endorsed by Billy Graham
A history of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry.

Billy Graham's Address for the inauguration of R. Albert Mohler Jr.

This historic address was delivered by Graham in 1993 in Louisville’s Freedom Hall.

In October 2013, R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Adam W. Greenway met with Billy Graham in his North Carolina home.

“My personal friendship with him goes back to when I first came here as president. He played such a pivotal role in the establishment of the Graham School and in my inauguration as president, and I owe to Dr. Graham such a deep personal debt.” – R. Albert Mohler Jr. on Billy Graham