Life: How Do You Keep It From Becoming A Vain Chasing After The Wind?

by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 31


As you consider your life, what is it that drives you each day? What is it that keeps you joyful as you become more aware of the reality that life is but a vapor that appears for moment and then fades away?  The obvious answer to these questions is that our hope in Christ is what drives us and fills us with joy in the midst of the trials of life. However, on a more practical level, how can we act upon this hope? Tom Schreiner discusses this very issue in a sermon on Ecclesiastes 4:1-16 entitled, Striving After Wind in Daily Life. In this sermon he suggests four truths to embrace in order guard yourself from chasing after the wind in daily life.
Recognize that life is full of injustice.
Find balance in your work.
Don’t Isolate yourself from others.
Remember that people will take you for granted.