What Do Conjunctions Have to Do with Understanding The Logic of Scripture?: A Look at Romans 11:33-36 with John Piper

by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 5
John Piper seeks to answer this question by carefully analyzing Romans 11:33-36.  In this video he shows how particular connecting words help to paint a picture of the logic behind a text.  John Piper concludes by suggesting five levels to Paul’s argument in Romans 11:33-36.
Level 1: God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge are infinitely deep.
Level 2: Therefore, his ways and judgments cannot be traced out by the human mind without divine revelation.
Level 3: Because the word of God says no one can add to his wisdom or knowledge and no one can add to his riches.
Level 4: The reason we can’t is because all the knowledge we have and all the riches we have— indeed all that exist— is from him and through him and to him.
Level 5: Therefore, all glory belongs to God and not to us.