Book Review – 'Prayers of an Excellent Wife: Intercession for Him' by Andrew Case

by Jacob Dunlow – Mar 21

Prayers of an Excellent WifePrayers of an Excellent Wife: Intercession for Him. By Andrew Case. Louisville, KY: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009, 245 pp., $8.99.

Marriage is not easy. What many struggle with is the connection from the desire to have a God-honoring marriage and its practical outworking. In Prayers of an Excellent Wife, Andrew Case writes a devotional for women who are seeking to intercede for their husbands before God. Case’s work is divided into two sections, the first being a preface and instruction to the reader and the second being the prayers themselves.

The first section lays the theological and biblical groundwork for the book. Case begins with a helpful discussion of the biblical texts surrounding the creation of women and a wife’s responsibilities in marriage, based on her creation. As Case notes: “The implications of a woman’s origin are profound. Her dignity and worth, her necessity, her role in life and marriage, and her unique beauty have been established by God from the beginning. She was made to be a man’s faithful helper. And there is no greater help she can offer him than her prayers on his behalf to the One who alone can provide perfect, sovereign help” (9). It is from this position that Case exhorts his readers to pray for their husbands.

The instructions that Case provides are critical to getting the most form this work. Sometimes a devotional work becomes little more than a vehicle for mindless ritual. Case warns against this, urging readers to make each prayer ‘your own’ and to use the prayers as a ‘springboard’ (12). In doing this, readers are given freedom to take the prayers offered by Case and customize them to their own unique situation.

The bulk of Prayers of an Excellent Wife contains prayers for women to use in interceding for their husbands. Each prayer is based off Scripture, and readers can easily use it to guide their daily Scripture reading. In fact, one great feature of the book is the collection of Scripture and bibliography in the appendix. About half of the prayers in the book are accompanied by an encouraging quote from a Christian leader. The quotes help to spur the thinking of the reader as they work through the text of the prayers.

In Prayers of an Excellent Wife, Case gives Christian women a solid Word-centered devotional work on praying for their husbands. If you or members of your church are looking for a resource like this, I would rec- ommend this book as a good place to start.

Jacob Dunlow is Pastor of Vassar Road Baptist Church and Ed.D Candidate at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

[Editor’s Note: This review originally appeared in The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry 4.1.]