Five Reasons Not to do Family Ministry

by Derek Brown – Jun 4

Rob Rienow at Visionary Family Ministries provides a few bad reasons for developing family ministry in your church.

Many churches are jumping on the Holy Spirit powered reformation of family ministry. Unfortunately, some are exploring family ministry for the wrong reasons. Here are five reasons NOT to build a family ministry in your church.

1. The majority of children and teens growing up in our churches today are leaving the faith when they become adults. If we do a better job equipping parents, we will see more children keep the faith.

2. Marriages both within the church and within the community are in crisis. If we build a marriage ministry, we can lower the divorce rate.

3. Families are over-committed and have precious little time together. If we plan family events we can provide opportunities for them to grow together.

4. When new people come to the church one of their first concerns is what programs we have to help their family. If we create a dynamic family ministry more people will choose our church.

5. Every year we are banging our head against the wall trying to get enough volunteers in our youth and children’s ministry. If we do a better job including parents they can help make the church programs successful.

You can read the whole article here.