The Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theological Studies is for students who desire to engage in deep explorations of philosophy and systematic theology. This degree prepares students to teach philosophy, apologetics, and systematic theology in a broad range of graduate and undergraduate contexts.

Faculty qualified to supervise students in this degree include Bruce Ware, Gregg Allison, Steve Wellum, Michael A.G. Haykin, Brad Green, John Wilsey, and Timothy Paul Jones.

Fall/Winter A

Week A: 85030 Pneumatology and Ecclesiology
Week B: 85350 History of Western Philosophy
Philosophy Colloquium

Spring/Summer A

Week A: 85370 Metaphysics
Week B: 85040 Modern Theology
Theological Studies Colloquium

Fall/Winter B

Week A: 85290 Christian Apologetics
Week B: 85010 Theology Proper
Philosophy Colloquium

Spring/Summer B

Week A: 85020 Christology and the Atonement OR 85230 Epistemology
Week B: 84970 Aesthetic Theology
Theological Studies Colloquium

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