The Ph.D. in World Religions prepares students to understand contemporary world religions and respond to them from a Christian worldview. This degree is offered in a modular format and equips students to evaluate world religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and new religious movements.

Incoming Ph.D. students are matched with a supervisor from our world-class faculty who shares their research interests (in parentheses). Professors who can supervise students in this area are:

Seminars provide students the opportunity to engage in focused study on key subjects in their academic discipline. The following is the list of courses in this area:

  • Biblical and Theological Foundations for Missions and Evangelism
  • Leadership in Missions and Evangelism
  • Anthropology and Ethnographic Research
  • Spiritual Warfare in Missions and Evangelism
  • History of Missions and Evangelism
  • Islam: History and Contemporary Issues
  • Hinduism and Buddhism: Histories and Contemporary Practices
  • New Religious Movements

If you are interested in applying for the Ph.D. in this area of study, learn more about the Admissions Process. To prepare for the entrance exam in this area of study, consult the study guide.


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