Systematic Theology

The Ph.D. in Systematic Theology trains students to apply the storyline of Scripture to that of life in light of history. This degree integrates systematic theology with its biblical, historical, philosophical and contemporary dimensions.



Incoming Ph.D. students are matched with a supervisor from our world-class faculty who shares their research interests. Professors who can supervise students in this area are:
Dr. Bruce Ware headshot

Bruce A. Ware

Research Interests:

  • Theology Proper
  • Divine Providence
Dr. Gregg Allison headshot

Gregg R. Allison

Research Interests:

  • Ecclesiology
  • Anthropology
Dr. Stephen Wellum headshot

Stephen J. Wellum

Research Interests:

  • Christology
  • Atonement

Seminars provide students the opportunity to engage in focused study on key subjects in their academic discipline. The following list is a sampling of available courses in this area:


85020 Christology and Atonement

This seminar focuses on the person and work of Jesus Christ.  It considers the historical position and contemporary proposals concerning His character in light of Scripture’s teaching on Christ and the incarnation.  Concerning His work, the seminar covers current models on atonement, along with historical, philosophical, theological, and biblical interaction regarding their viability.

84920 Theological Anthropology

A study of classical and contemporary perspectives on image bearing, human nature, human constitution, the body-soul relationship, human agency and the freedom of the will, sin and its destructive dimensions, and human embodiment.

85010 Theology Proper and Providence

The course leads students through an examination of select issues concerning the nature of God, his existence, his attributes, his Trinitarian being, and his work in decree, creation, and providence.  Historical and contemporary understandings will be explored, with primacy given to God’s own self-revelation through Scripture.


If you are interested in applying for the Ph.D. in this area of study, learn more about the Admissions Process. The department also requests student have 6 hours of elective credit in theology at the Master’s level.


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