• Caps must be black
  • Tassles must be gold
  • Graduates of any degree may wear mortarboard caps
  • Ph.D., Ed.D., and D.Miss. graduates must wear the six-sided tam
  • Beefeater tams are prohibited.


  • Hood lining must bear official SBTS lining—red lining with three gold stripes
  • Hood velvet corresponds to the discipline of the doctoral degree
    • Ph.D. graduates may only Ph.D. blue
    • D.Min. graduates may only wear red velvet
    • D.Miss. graduates may only wear red velvet
    • Ed.D. graduates may only wear light blue velvet


  • All gowns must be black in color.
    • Ph.D. Gowns must have Dark Blue (Fidelia Blue) velvet and chevrons with red piping.
    • Ed.D. Gowns must have Light Blue velvet and chevrons with gold piping.
    • D.Miss Gowns must have black velvet with no piping.
  • No additional embroidery or piping on the gown is permissible.


  • Colors correspond to the degree earned
    • Philosophy = Blue
    • Theology = Scarlet
    • Education = Light Blue
    • Music = Pink
  • Thus, the Ph.D. has the widest range of colors available, and only they can wear the royal, deep blue color on any part of their regalia
  • Gold is a neutral color accepted by the American Council on Education for use of piping the outside of the velvet panels, so anyone can wear i