Comprehensive examinations corresponding to the student’s areas of study are administered at the conclusion of the student’s coursework, and will demonstrate preparedness to write a dissertation in a field of study. Most students take three comprehensive examinations; biblical studies majors may take four. The exams will include two in their major concentration and one exam in their minor.

Significant preparation beyond what has been required for seminars and colloquia will normally be expected. Students majoring in Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology, Old Testament (Hebrew), and New Testament (Greek) are required to pass a biblical language comprehensive exam.

Registering For Comprehensive Exams

Students register through, but they also have to fill out the Comprehensive Exam Application Form. This informs the Doctoral Studies Office they are planning to take the exams. Study guides are available for the semester a student is registered for their exams. For more info please email

How long does it take to get my grades from comprehensive exams?

Students can expect to have results no sooner than three weeks after the exam.

What happens if I don’t pass comprehensive exams?

Failure on any part of a comprehensive exam will result in a review of the student’s status by the committee of instruction. Then a decision will be made if the student can re-take the exam.


Fall 2018

December 3rd, 4th, and 6th.

Spring 2019

May 28th, 29th, and 31st