Old Testament

Whether you want to sharpen your Hebrew, focus on a genre of the Old Testament, or explore contemporary issues in Old Testament theology, the Ph.D. in Old Testament will give you that opportunity. This degree allows students to specialize in either the language, literature or theology of the Old Testament.


Incoming Ph.D. students are matched with a supervisor from our world-class faculty who shares their research interests (in parentheses). Professors who can supervise students in this area are:
Dr. Duane Garrett headshot

Duane A. Garrett

Research Interests:

  • Old Testament Theology
  • Joel
  • Amos
  • Genesis


Dr. T.J. Betts headshot

T. J. Betts

Research Interests:

  • Ancient Near East Backgrounds
  • Preaching the Old Testament
Dr. James Hamilton headshot

James M. Hamilton

Research Interests:

  • Biblical Theology
  • Daniel
  • Psalms
  • Revelation
  • John

Seminars provide students the opportunity to engage in focused study on key subjects in their academic discipline. The following list is a sampling of available courses in this area:


826335 Septuagint

This seminar aims to introduce the student to the critical use of the Septuagint as a tool in biblical studies.  Variant readings are assessed to determine their relative claim to originality, significance in the history of the transmission of the Greek text, and their relationship to known Hebrew manuscripts.  Special attention is given to the phonology, morphology, and syntax of the Septuagint.

80232 Use of the OT in the OT

An examination of the interpretive perspective of the Old Testament authors as shown by the way later Old Testament authors engage earlier Old Testament Scripture.

82220 The History of Israel’s Religion

The study of Israelite religion in the Old Testament with particular attention to the fluctuations and developments of Israelite faith occasioned by major historical events.  The seminar will focus on textual and archaeological evidence, the history and theological emphases of Israelite shrines, and Israel’s immediate neighbors and their religious influences.

If you are interested in applying for the Ph.D. in this area of study, learn more about the Admissions Process. To prepare for the entrance exam in this area of study, consult the study guide.