The Ph.D. in Leadership is a multidisciplinary degree designed to shape students as confessional scholars in the following primary areas: communication and pedagogy, organizational philosophy and strategy, and theology and human development. This degree, which is offered in modular format, is for leaders and educators in ministry, higher education, Christian schooling, and educational administration. Students choose from two possible concentrations: Organizational Leadership or Educational Leadership.

Incoming Ph.D. students are matched with a supervisor from our world-class faculty.

All Leadership students complete 6 Leadership Core Seminars, 2 seminars in a particular Leadership Concentration (either Organizational Leadership or Educational Leadership), 4 Leadership Colloquia, Prospectus Development 1-4, and Empirical Research Methods.

Leadership Core Seminars

  • 91090 Leadership Character and Development
  • 92500 Philosophy for Leadership and Discipleship
  • 95300 Biblical and Theological Foundations for Education
  • 95700 Biblical and Theological Foundations for Leadership
  • 96300 Organizational Theory and Development
  • 97000 Theological Anthropology and Human Development

Organizational Leadership Concentration Seminars

  • 93610 Communication and Team Dynamics
  • 96400 Change and Conflict in Leadership

Educational Leadership Concentration Seminars

  • 93420 Curriculum Theory and Design
  • 95600 Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice

Colloquia and Prospectus Development:

  • 90000 Leadership Colloquium (x4)
  • 81220, 81221, 81222, 81223 Prospectus Development

Research Methodology

  • 96800 Empirical Research Methods

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